Project 17

Letter to the Mayor of Hackney

In November 2016, working with North East London Migrant Action, we contacted the Mayor of Hackney Council about some of the systemic poor practice we saw when working with families in Hackney.

We raised the following issues with Mayor Philip Glanville: 

  • Hackney Council's refusal to conduct Child in Need assessments in cases of imminent homlessness or destitution;
  • Aggression, intimidation, and disrespect from members of Council staff;
  • Hackney Council's refusal to provide urgently needed interim support;
  • Very low rates of financial subsistence; 
  • Inadequate accommodation;
  • Council staff unlawfully advising our clients to return to their countries of origin when a Human Rights Assessment had not been completed;
  • Hackney Council's lack of policy documentation or guidance on providing support pursuant to section 17 of the Children Act 1989 to families with no recourse to public funds. 

Disappointingly - and despite the Mayor promising NELMA that he would reply to us - we have received no acknowledgement of our letter, and no response to points we raised.

The Mayor also promised NELMA that an internal review would be conducted into how Hackney treats destitute migrant families who seek support – and that NELMA would be informed of the outcome. Despite multiple email reminders, the Mayor has not been in contact with NELMA since 20th December 2016. 

You can read our letter to Mayor Philip Glanville here and see what NELMA are doing about Mayor Glanville's failure to respond here

We continue to call on Hackney Council to remedy the way support for families with NRPF is implemented in Hackney and strongly urge Hackney Council to conduct an independent review into the provision of support under section 17 to families with no recourse to public funds. 

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